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Cheif Executive Officer/Founder

20 years in the Entertainment Industry was definitely not an easy road!  Coming from Filmoe, California, the vision was sparked at the tender age of 10, when LaPonne would use his family members to form cover groups like New Edition, Run DMC and act out scenes from the movies Krush Groove and Beat Street.

In 1992, he founded a music group, called ‘Foundation Entertainment’ which consisted of independent local hip-hop artists in the San Francisco area. The group lasted 3 years, where LaPonne performed, managed the talent, and developed business opportunities.

He relocated to Atlanta to consult on various celebrity projects with  A/R Coordinator Regina Davenport, who worked with LaFace Records.  During his tenure in Atlanta, LaPonne  was exposed on the 1994 Rap City TV episode  covering the ‘OutKast Southern Playalistic Cook Out Picnic’ which also featured Usher, TLC, Puffy, Notorious B.I.G., Busta Rhymes, Jermaine DuPree and Ed Gordon  from BET news, to name a few.

In 2005, LaPonne founded Foundation Unit Entertainment Services LLC. (F.U.E.N.T.S) as a multi-media company, with a team of professionals to provide web development, mixing and mastering, mobile & voice recording, sound engineering, management services for artists and producers and music productions for radio, film and TV.  Within 5 years, the company tripled its gross revenue, built long-term music licensing contracts for TV and became the voting member of the Grammy Recording Academy.

LaPonne has a proven success record to build leaders through his passion, dedication and commitment. His passion for the younger generation is to give back to the San Francisco community which was a city cultivated with style, slang, political awareness and a rich art culture. He strives to build professional business alliances who understand the ‘big’ picture 

The Company

Foundation Unit Entertainment Services (F.U.E.N.T.S) founded in 2005 is responsible for bringing the renowned marketing theme song for “Hyphy Juice” performed by Clyde Carson from The group “The Team” and the Hyphy Juice Remix song. Hyphy Juice energy drink made $6 Million in sales during its 1st year. F.U.E.N.T.S. clients include; MTV, VH1, AT&T, GMC Cadillac, Boys & Girls Club and music composition for LL Cool J song titled “Scratch Your Head”.

In a short period of time, F.U.E.N.T.S has developed viable alliances allowing their services & beat production to reach international exposure. In addition, the company has signed a long-term contract with MTV and VH1 as one of production companies providing music compositions for major TV show productions.

The vision for Foundation Unit Entertainment Services is to recapture the enrich history that San Francisco was known for. If you weren’t able to make it to Harlem New York, the old Fillmore was resourceful for its style music & urban empowerment and considered a Harlem renaissance. The vision is to contribute the right elements to return San Francisco back to its musical prominence.